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About the Leaky Shed Studio

Leaky Shed Studio, Chandler, Arizona

The Leaky Shed Studio works with local and national artists to create distinctive chipboard and cardstock embellishments for scrapbooking and mixed media art.

Products & Materials The Leaky Shed Studio is dedicated to producing amazing scrapbooking and mixed media products all made in America. We strive to purchase our materials from American manufacturers with an eye on being green. We special order American made chipboard which is composed of 100% recycled paper products and acid-free. The cardstock we use is made in the USA and is composed of 70% to 100% recycled materials. 

We encourage your comments and ideas about our products. Thank you for your interest in our company and we wish you well.

The Staff of Leaky Shed Studio


Leaky Shed Studio
21610 South 140th Street
Chandler, Arizona 85286
Phone: 480 984 5752
Fax: 480 984 6569
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